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1. Is your child falling behind in school?

2. Do teachers tell you that they are uninvolved in the classroom or frequently acting out?

3. Does your child lack confidence in themselves, or still have to do simple addition by counting on their fingers?
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If You Answered Yes To One Or More Of These Questions, Don't Wait For The Problem To Get Any Worse:
Schedule A Free Strategy Call Today Where We'll Test Your Kid To See Where They Are At Right Now, Determine Where They Should Be, And Create A Custom Learning Program To Help Get Your Kid Back On Track


The Gideon Foundation is a new kind of learning program that bridges the gap between where your child is right now and where they need to be to achieve educational success

So whether they struggle with math or reading, we confront the heart of the issue to make sure that your child stops falling behind and allows them to excel

And Our Results Speak For Themselves!

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But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, This Is What Real Parents Are Saying Our Program Has Done For Their Child:

"I had a conference with Salina's teacher, and it was good news!  If it were not for The Gideon Foundation instructors helping me to teach Salina how to use phonic blending and learn to read she would have had to repeat the 1st grade. Now, Salina's reading comprehension skills are a year ahead of her grade level and she is continuing to make great strides. Thank you so much! Your dedication and hard work do not go unnoticed."

Vicky, Mom of 1st grader

But HURRY... Spots Fill Up Fast
Secure Your Spot Today Before Availability Runs Out So You Can Give Your Kid The Tools They Need To Succeed! 

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