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In order to read, a child must learn to break the alphabetic code. Our PhonicTracks booklets assist the students through a step-by-step method. This method helps the students master combining phonetic sounds to decode words.


These booklets start with the short vowel sounds and provide ample practice words to assist with mastery learning. Research has shown that students who are skilled decoders exhibit increased fluency and improved comprehension.



The Foundation's reading program provides a variety of building block exercises. The reading comprehension portion of these exercises includes a comprehension series designed to promote a better learning experience as well as develop new vocabulary. We provide grammar booklets as part of the reading program exercises. We believe
it is important to build a strong grammar foundation. Our program focuses on

good sentence structure, sentence diagramming, punctuation, capitalization, subject-verb agreement and verb tense.





With the Foundation's math program your child will achieve mastery of essential math calculation skills. Mastery of these skills will create confidence, eliminate stress and develop in your child a stronger math foundation.


This math program uses weekly booklets that are sequentially arranged from adding/subtracting concepts up through high school geometry. The daily calculation skills are presented in a step-by-step manner. The child practices these skills until mastery is achieved.



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